A few months ago, I started a new job. Starting a new job can be an exciting and scary time in your life. 

Want to make sure you start things off on the right foot? Here are a few things that helped me during the transition:

01 Clarify Expectations 

In the early days of starting a new job, it is important that you clarify expectations as early as possible.  You want to have a full understanding of what is expected of you in terms of job performance and deliverables.  You should also ask what their preferred communication style, method, and frequency.

02 Set goals

Now that you understand the expectations, it is time to set some goals. When setting goals I love using the SMART method. This method can help you break down the goals and make them as clear as possible. Every 30 days you should set time aside to evaluate what you have done and make tweaks if necessary.

03 Ask for Feedback

Feedback is good and essential as you start a new job.  While feedback can be painful to hear, ignorance is not bliss when it comes to your job performance.

04 Learn

New job sometimes means complete new responsibilities and a never ending list of things to learn. Based on your expectations and goals make a list of things that you need to learn. After you have completed the initial list, prioritize. Ask yourself “what things will prevent you from getting your job done?” or “what things will prevent you from getting it done well?”. 

After you have added priorities ask yourself how are you going to learn each thing. Invest in yourself, sometimes what you need to learn is not taught at your job. Find yourself a coach, purchase a book or enroll in a class.

05 Don’t be hard on yourself

You’ll get frustrated. Learning all these new processes can be overwhelming and you’re not going to pick up on everything as quickly as you want. That’s okay. Everyone was new once.  Take a deep breath if you become frustrated and try to clear your mind. Have a positive attitude, negativity only breeds negativity. It’s best to keep a positive attitude and have patience. 

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