Building a brand is a process. However, the ongoing effort will result in establishing long-term relationships with your audience.

Follow these steps to move through the process seamlessly and build a stronger brand that sets you up for success.

 1. Create your brand foundation. 

2. Review your foundations and deliverables and make sure they are consistent.

3. Make small adjustments.

4. Enjoy the process.

Create the brand foundation

The brand foundation is comprise of the vision, values, voice and visuals.

Vision –A strong vision communicates to your audience what do you do and why you do it.

Values – Your brand values are promises to your customers about what they can expect from you.

Voice – Your brand voice is the personality and emotion injected  into a business verbal or written communication.

Visuals – Your visuals establish theoverall aesthetic of your brand.

Do you need help building your foundation? I’ve developed a workbook to help you perform some targeted exercises to enhance your brand vision, value, voice, and visuals.

How to review your brand?

Are you presenting yourself or your brand in a way that is aligned with your vision? (e.g.​ in person, social media, website about page, collateral, etc.)

How are you demonstrating your core values?

Write down where your audience can find you (e.g. social media platforms, newsletter, website, podcast, events, classes)

Write down where your target audience go to find information related to what you do or where you can find them in person (e.g. social media platforms, newsletter, website, podcast, events, classes)

Compare the two lists. Is there any difference? Should you start / stop using any of them?

Are your visuals consistent? (e.g. photography quality, fonts, colors, personal presentation, etc.)

Do you have a visual board? Does your visual board match your deliverables (e.g. social media, website, collateral, personal look, etc)