Saying no is a self-love practice.

A few weeks ago, I was reading “A Tribe Called Bliss” by Lori Harder. She has one chapter where she talks about setting boundaries. After finishing that chapter, I decided to research more about how to set boundaries. That exercise helped me understand a few extra limits and ways to enforce them in the future.

Why you need boundaries in your life?

They create realistic expectations. When you communicate your boundaries, people know what to expect. They are a form of self-love. Healthy boundaries mean you value your feelings and needs. They keep you from overextending yourself.

How to set boundaries?

Understand your limits. Reflect on previous experiences that left you angry, frustrated, and uncomfortable. Ask yourself: why do you need this boundary?

Communicate upfront. 

Be assertive. If someone crosses your boundaries, you have to assert yourself. Don’t apologize or feel the need to explain it to death.

Practice. It might be hard at first, and you might worry that you are coming off as rude. However, you are simply affirming the boundaries you have set.