How to do a life checkup?

 Everyone in the world has 24 hours each day to spend as they see fit. It’s up to you to figure out what matters to you and to spend your days doing those things. Something I am incorporating to my Monday morning routine is to spend 10 minutes doing a life checkup to get my priorities in order.

How to do a life checkup?

01 Track how you plan to spend your time during the week. Example: working, working out, reading books

02 Take activities and recorder them from ‘least time spent’ to ‘most time spent’

03 Map how you spend your time against how important these things are to you

04 Evaluate results

Activities in the top left quadrant are activities you will want to spend more time on.

Activities in the bottom right quadrant are activities you want to spend less time on.

05 Make adjustments for the week